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Congratulations to dongguan huada machinery co., LTD.

Release time:2020-04-30         Source:English website
Congratulations on the official launch of dongguan huada machinery!!

There are a lot of customers to buy mechanical products, must have heard of dongguan huada machinery co., LTD., that the company is really good? Below small make up to tell you about dongguan huada machinery co., LTD. Introduction:

Dongguan huada machinery co., ltd. is an environmental protection technology company with more than 20 years of experience, focusing on solid waste treatment equipment and solid waste treatment solutions. From the product design and development, to the finished product manufacturing every link, there is the verification of the company's progress. We are professional, honest, peaceful and sustainable business philosophy, in the field of machinery manufacturing, cautious and conscientious, really bring customers a reasonable price, quality products, get the market affirmation, customer recognition. We follow the market development trend, and the upstream with the request of the manufacturer, professional development, design, manufacture, injection molding machine auxiliary equipment, living garbage, eat hutch garbage and solid waste crusher, shredding machine, aluminum alloy, magnesium alloy, zinc alloy, such as special crusher, PCB circuit breaker, circuit board broken regeneration recycling production line, crushing waste tires recycling production line, PET bottle crushing cleaning recycling production line, the old cable recycling line, lithium batteries, lead-acid battery broken line, all kinds of poultry dung mixing conveyor, organic fertilizer production line, environmental regeneration equipment. The company pays attention to product quality and equipment performance, optimizes the manufacturing process, greatly improves the stability and safety of equipment, and truly provides customers with high efficiency, energy saving, environmental protection and cost-effective products.

Factory building picture:

Dongguan huada machinery co. LTD

Pictures of some products:

Single axis shredder double axis shredder four axis shredde

Dongguan huada machinery co., LTD. In the product quality of this is strict grasp, service customers first, if you have the intention to cooperate with us, you can call the free hotline for consultation! I would like to work with you hand in hand, dedicated to serve you!