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Single shaft shredder
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Single shaft shredder

  • Single shaft shredder
  • Single shaft shredder
  • Single shaft shredder
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Single shaft shredder


    HDC single-shaft shredder is one of the most widely used crushing equipment.Normally, materials can be delivered directly without the need for additional feeding systems.Equipped with large capacity special-shaped hopper and hydraulic pushing system, it can effectively prevent the material from flying and moving, and ensure the rapid ,efficient and low-noise crushing process.The low-speed rotor is combined with the cutter shaft structure with adjustable cutting clearance, which makes the crushing of baling, sliver, reel and winding materials easier.Low speed, high torque; All imported blades; Hydraulic pushing system; Swing arm type installation; Micro switch.


1. Low speed and high torque

2. Low noise and dust

3. Hydraulic pushing system, swing arm forced feeding structure

4. 90°turnover, higher utilization rate of knife body(a knife can be used for four times)

5. Reducer swing arm mounting structure, micro switch monitoring, protection of internal gear and motor

6. All imported SKD 11,D 2,DC53andASP60 blades,with high strength,wear resistance and long service life

7. Material feeding test 2~4 hours before delivery to ensure the reliability of equipment



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