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Dongguan Huada Machinery Co., Ltd. is an environmental protection technology company with more than 20 years of experience, focusing on solid waste treatment equipment and solid waste treatment scheme. Founded in 1999, it is located at the Bank of Songshan Lake, a national high-tech industrial development zone. From product design and development to finished product manufacturing, there are verification of the company's progress. We are a professional, honest, peaceful and sustainable business philosophy. In the field of machinery manufacturing, we are dedicated to bring our customers products with reasonable price and high quality. Huada Machinery focuses on the production of Dongguan shredder and Guangdong shredder. It is a manufacturer of Dongguan shredder. In addition, it produces mixers, conveyors, sorters, etc. and serves Guangdong, Guangzhou, Foshan and Zhaoqing Shenzhen, Dongguan, Huizhou and other places, welcome to consult!


  • Many years of industry experience, many technical patents

    Professional talents and rich experience

    Many years of industry experience, a number of technical patents; we have rich experience in professional and technical personnel, with a variety of recyclable waste treatment experience, a variety of plastic plant planning and solutions, combined with the advanced technology of Europe, the United States and Japan.

  • Own production plant, quality first

    The quality of the factory is reliable

    With its own production plant, the quality priority product line is rich and complete; the plant area is 5500 square meters, the products have passed CE product quality certification, ISO9001 management system certification, high standard design and precision processing, and produced advanced and excellent products.

  • Wide range of sales

    Wide range of sales

    The price is reasonable, the price is high, the monthly output is up to 100 units, the annual turnover is 20-30 million yuan, and the export value is 8-10 million yuan. The products are sold all over the country and exported to Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, the Middle East, South America, North America, Eastern Europe, and Western Europe. , Southeast Asia, Japan and other regions.

  • Customer first perfect service system

    Customer first perfect service system

    European CE certification, customized customer needs, to meet various needs, one-year warranty, lifelong maintenance, we strive to provide customers with professional programs and precision equipment, and follow the customer is God, with the purpose of "sincerity, faithfulness, diligence", to provide customers with a full range of services.

Strict quality and Considerate service

Main products include shredder, crusher, various recycling production lines, etc

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