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Four axis shredder
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Four axis shredder

  • Four axis shredder
  • Four axis shredder
  • Four axis shredder
  • Four axis shredder

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    HSC series four-axis shredder is a heavy-duty crushing equipment specially designed for the crushing difficulties of large cylindrical or prismatic materials that are easy to be raised and slip.The specially designed Multi-rotation shaft layout structure forms traction force on the basis of ensuring high torque shear strength, and is more capable of cutting and crushing large strip plastics, wood, sheet metal, household appliances and other materials.


    1. Ultra-low speed and super torque; Low noise and dust

    2.The v-shaped arrangement of four knife shafts can prevent materials from being overhead and skidding, and more effectively pull and break materials

    3. The cutting tools are made of imported alloy steel with long service life

    4. The thickness and firmness of the frame plate can better withstand large torque

    5.Sealed bearing protection design,dust proof,extend the service life of the bearing

    6.Material feeding test 2~4 hours before delivery to ensure the reliability of equipment


    The cutting part of the four-axis shredder is composed of four sets of cutter shafts, in which the lower two sets of cutting knives are mainly rotating relative motion mainly to complete the cutting work of materials; The upper two groups are sub-cutting tools, which can pull materials and assist cutting.Four axis shredding motor blade mouth,between the knife head the partition between the formation of mutual shear.Different rotor speed difference, in the process of shearing materials also tear, so as to improve the crushing efficiency.


    1.Plastic:large  head stock material large engineer ng plastics, large nylon material, PE barrel, large paint bucket, large trashcan

    2.Electrical appliances:large appliance housings such as washing machines, refrigerators, and air conditioners, and large electric a equipment

    3.Pipe:large pipe, urban water supply pipe, sewage pipe

    4.Wood:logs, pallets, plywood, large pieces of furniture

    5.Rubber:large tires, conveyor belts

    6.Metal:large oil drums, aluminum profiles, motorcycles, auto motorcycles engine casings

    7.Other:plasterboard,cement asbestos board,spring mattress ,radioactive waste, large workshop waste